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Practice Areas

Our South Texas law firm handles a wide array of legal matters for many clients in the McAllen-Mission-Edinburg metroplex, greater Rio Grande Valley, and the San Marcos, Hays County area.

Family Law

Texas family law is one of our primary practice areas. Our South Texas law firm is based in McAllen and frequently serves clients in the McAllen-Mission-Edinburg and San Marcos area in a wide range of family law issues.  We handle divorce, child custody, visitation, adoptions, modification of orders, spousal maintenance, among other family law matters. Schedule a consultation today.

Criminal Defense

Our law firm understands that good people sometimes make bad mistakes.  Julian Rodriguez, Jr. has successfully defended clients in DWI cases and other misdemeanor cases.  We have helped countless others navigate the court system with his understanding of Texas laws.  While it is not always possible, in some instances, DWI cases can be dismissed or negotiated to a lesser charge.  Before you enter any plea, it is important to hire a tough-minded and aggressive lawyer to defend you.  We will help you navigate a path towards resolution and work closely with you to protect your legal rights.  Schedule a consultation today.

Personal Injury

In addition to Texas family law, personal injury law is another one of our primary practice areas. Our law firm has aggressively represented many clients in the greater Rio Grande Valley and Hays County area who have been injured or had a loved one killed as a result of an auto accident, slip and fall, tractor-trailer accident, motorcycle accident, or because of a defective products.  If you or your loved one have been injured or killed as a result of someone else’s actions, do not hesitate to contact our office.  We are here to help, schedule a consultation today.


Debts on paper mean very little to companies and individuals alike.   If you have a debtor that is refusing to fulfill his obligations, we can help.  We take a broad-based approach to collecting money that is owed to our clients, and when an out-of-court resolution is not attainable, will not hesitate to fight for you in court. Schedule a consultation today.
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